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support during a surgical birth

Very few women elect to have their baby by c-section but there are circumstances when there are no other options.  You may feel shocked or saddened and feel that you no longer have much control over how your baby is born.  However this is a time when the support of a skilled doula can make a huge difference to your birth experience.

A doula can bring you information to help you better prepare for your upcoming surgical birth. She can help you get answers to your questions and formulate a birth plan for a cesarean section. There are many areas of a routine surgical birth that can be altered to help you feel more comfortable at a time when it is easy to become bewildered by what is going on around you.  There are quite a few things that you can do to personalise the procedure.

During the pre-operative period, your doula can help explain procedures to you and help you get answers to any questions that you have, much like she would during a normal labour setting.

Once inside the operating room, a  doula will assist you in knowing what is going on by giving you details of whatever you wish to know. Hospital staff are busy doing the surgery and preparing the room for the baby. Your husband is awaiting the baby and will soon go to the warmer to greet the baby. Your doula will be at your side. She can take photos if you desire, particularly as and after the baby is born. She can remind the staff of any special requests you may have, like letting your partner cut the cord or announce the gender of the baby.

Your partner may want to leave the theatre to be with the baby, but your doula will stay by your side. If your doula is not permitted in the theatre during the actual birth she can come in when your partner leaves so you are never alone. She can also act as a liaison between the staff and you for getting updates on your baby while you are separated.

During a cesarean birth babies are born very quickly and the rest of  the nearly hour long procedure is the repair. If your partner is with the baby, you would otherwise be alone during this period.  Having a doula for this period is very comforting.

During the postpartum period your doula can suggest post-operative comfort measures. She can assist you with any breastfeeding questions you may have or special help you or baby may require with breastfeeding. Your doula can also help with reminding the staff about your post birth preferences and any special needs you may have.

The idea of using a doula for a cesarean, particularly a scheduled cesarean, is not an unusual one. Many couples find that they benefit from the supportive and informative services of this extra set of trained hands during a surgical birth. 

Call now to learn more about how you can take control of your cesarean birth.

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