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suggested payment schedule

$250 deposit/booking fee

Full payment is required by 38 weeks.

refund policy


The booking fee is non-refundable.


If I cannot attend your birth and fail to provide a backup doula I will refund 50% of your fee.


If I miss your birth because I failed to arrive within 90 minutes of receiving your call I will refund 50% of your fee.


If I am unable to make it to the baby's birth, due to a rapid labour, I will be unable to issue any refund and all fees will remain the same.


If I fail to attend your birth because you fail to contact me there will be no refund.


If my services are cancelled after 36 weeks there will be no refund.  At that time it would be not practical for me to sign on another client to fill the vacant spot on my calendar.

If you have a cesarean birth I will continue to provide support, there will be no refund.


you may wonder about the breakdown of the fee for professional support,  here is what you are paying for



The average time I spend with a woman in labour is 16 hours but this can vary greatly. I do not discount for short labours, nor increase my fee for long labours or false alarms. I spend at least another 10 hours in pre and post natal meetings.  Phone calls, individual research and responding to emails adds many more hours.



Your fee covers my commitment to support you during labour. In order to do this I limit the number of clients I put on my calendar to avoid birth conflicts. I only schedule three clients per month.  When you engage my services I commit to being available three weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date.



Communication expenses are high for a doula. I maintain a clinic, run a car, have a website and routine professional office expenses.  In addition there are the supplies I bring to every birth and keeping the comprehensive library up-to-date.


training and professional development 

It is important to me to keep up to date with current information and thinking. In order to attend conferences and training opportunities I have to limit my client numbers for that period, thus reducing the number of clients I can work with each year.



Being on-call requires a high level of personal sacrifice, including a willingness to be alert and ready to go after 30 minutes sleep and be on my feet for 24 hours.  I accept that family events are often missed or interrupted for births.  When at social events I limit myself to one glass of wine and have to be prepared to leave suddenly. I always carry my doula bag and a change of clothes with me.  I am on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If I want to take a two week break I have to cross 6 weeks off my calendar.



my commitment is always to you

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend your birth (the situation hasn't arisen yet but it is an unavoidable doula reality) I have a highly skilled and experienced back-up.


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