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Helping others find calm and balance in their lives through energy work is an honor, it is also an honor to see strong empowered woman embracing the wonder and awe of a beautiful birth.  I thank them all for their kind words of support and their trust in me.  Please feel free to leave a message, or see what others have to say. 

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Name: Jo Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 2 Jun 2006 14:38:36 GMT

Comment: From now on whenever I see smiling happy babies in Canberra I will wonder - did Vickie see you into the world ?

Name: Anna Email: 
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 24 Jan 2006 11:24:01 GMT

Comment: I cannot recommend Vickie Hingston-Jones too highly, she is wise and wonderful and made the birth of our baby a glorious event. During my pregnancy she was always available, nothing was ever too much trouble and the emotional support she gave me and my partner was beyond price. During labour and birth Vickie was a tower of strength and her encouragement and practical suggestions were invaluable. Vickie has a fabulous sense of humour and puts EVERYONE at ease. Book her as soon as you can!

Name: Judy La Porte Email:
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 6 Jun 2006 06:06:36 GMT

Comment: I cannot imagine a person better able to provide this support to mothers-to-be. Your knowledge, common sense, warmth, caring nature and sense of humour would make the whole experience so wonderful - I wish I had had your services when I was having Amy.Judy

Name: Susan Email:
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Country: AUST.  IP Address:  Date: 10 Jun 2006 05:46:52 GMT

Comment: The knowledge, care, love, warmth and support, along with that fantastic sense of humour when most needed that my kids and I have experienced with Vickie over the years reinforces to me that the mothers to be or new mums who have Vickie as their Doula will be the happiest mums in Canberra. All the best Vickie, you are truly inspirational in your quest to enrich others lives.

Name: Kirsten Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 15 Sep 2006 04:36:54 GMT

Comment: Hi Vickie, I just wanted to say publicly how wonderful it was having you at Mikaela's birth. Thanks again for your support, it was invaluable.Kirsten PS I like your new look website.

Name: Cathy Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 2 Oct 2006 14:49:16 GMT

Comment: Vickie’s support, knowledge, resources and nurturing attitude took me from feeling fearful about the birth to my going into labour feeling calm and confident. Edie was breech and born quickly and naturally – a fantastic experience for me, Shane and our baby. I believe this was largely due to Vickie’s encouragement, physical support and calm constant presence.

Name: Chris Canham Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 12 Oct 2006 13:04:20 GMT

Comment: Kristen and I saw the benefits of a doula after we researched having a baby. We realised that employing a professional who is an ongoing, continuous support throughout pregnancy, labour and the birthing process could fill some of the gaps we could see in the health system. We were like most people, I would think, who decide to have a baby – fairly naive to the best approach. But through education and the confidence that we developed through our dealings with Vickie at Confident Birth, we are absolutely elated with the outcome. I suggest expectant parents look beyond the idea that paying thousands of dollars for private health care is always going to be the best means of care, and consider hiring a doula

Name: Anna and Pete Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 20 Oct  2006 05:16:31 GMT

Comment: For less than the cost of a weekend away, Vickie helped us achieve the kind of calm birth we'd dreamed of. Her constant loving support, encourgement, wisdom and sense of humour gave us the confidence we needed. We would not consider having another baby without a doula.

Name: Serena, Sam & Bryce Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 8 Feb 2008 01:17:15 GMT

Comment: If you're wondering if a Doula is right for you, from my experience with Vickie, the answer is that you would be crazy not to have one. The first time we met Vickie with her georgous smile we felt a huge weight lifted as all our fears and concerns just seemed to disappear. Vickie is a wonderful person with a very special gift, she taught me to trust my instincts and having a familar face turn up on our big day made all the difference to me and my partner. I cannot recommend Vickie higly enough.

Name: Deb and Shane Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 20 Mar 2008 00:02:58 GMT

Comment: Vickie Hingston-Jones is one in a million, at our very first meeting her warmth and wisdom filled us with confidence. She soothed and educated us, was always there for us and gave us calm constant support we could not have dreamed of. Our baby's birth was gentle and peaceful and exactly as we had hoped, Vickie always knew just what was needed and never left my side, except when she instinctively knew that we needed some time alone. I needed no medical pain relief, Vickie's famous doula bag always had something in it to make me comfortable. Vickie works in harmony with hospital staff and is great dealing with anxious grandparents. My advice to pregnant women in Canberra - call Vickie NOW.  I can't imagine giving birth without her.

Name: Melanie Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 30 Mar 2008 08:44:52 GMT

Comment: Engaging Vickie as our Doula is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The knowledge and support she provided before, during and after our baby's birth was outstanding. I recommend Vickie to anyone who wants the very best possible labour and birth for themselves and their baby.

Name: Steph Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 3 Sep 2008 02:11:26 GMT

Comment: Vickie is the warmest wisest calmest woman I know - a reiki session in her lovely clinic is just bliss. I walked out feeling like a new person, stress free and with a new outlook on issues I thought was stuck with forever. Thank you Vickie you are a treasure. Steph.

Name: Kathryn, Doug and Isabella Email: 
Welcome Page:  
Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 29 Sep 2008 05:05:40 GMT

Comment: When we were pregnant with our first baby we felt very nervous about the approaching labour. After a chance meeting with Vickie, the decision was made that having a doula was worth a shot. It is indisputably one of the best decisions we've ever made as Vickie's calming, funny and reassuring presence in the lead up to, during and after the labour was invaluable. We have booked her again for baby #2 and feel totally at ease knowing she will be there with us. I can't recommend her enough!

Name: Holly Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 29 Mar 2009 00:15:07 GMT

Comment: The birth of my first child was difficult for me and a traumatic experience for my partner. We did not receive the support I had expected from the birth centre midwives. The birth of our second child, with Vickie's support, was a wonderful celebration and a healing experience for our whole family. Hiring Vickie as our doula was the best, most important choice we made. Her calm, informed, positive manner helped me to also be calm, informed and positive. She is part of our family history now!

Name: Emma Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 15 Jun 2009 07:38:12 GMT

Comment: I can't believe how good I feel after my Reiki treatments with Vickie. They wash all the stress away and I feel like I'm walking on air for days afterwards. If you are feeling stressed or out of sorts Vickie is the one to see, so wise, warm and caring and the best listener ever. Reiki rocks, so does Vickie.

Name: Sally Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 6 July 2009 06:39:44 GMT

Comment: I cannot thank you enough Vickie for the care and support you showed me during a difficult time. You were the only one who gave me the confidence I needed to achieve a wonderful natural birth after a previous c/section. I tell everyone I see now about doulas and how they really DO make a difference. Canberra women are so lucky to have you.

Name: Bethany Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 1 Sep 2009 05:50:34 GMT

Comment: We had Vickie Hingston-Jones as our doula for the recent birth of our first daughter in Canberra. She is fabulous and I really recommend her to all mums looking for support during pregnancy and labour. She made pregnancy a relaxing and spiritual time for my husband and I and made us feel confident about the impending birth. The birth went really well and I know that is in large part because I was so relaxed because she was there for us the whole way.

Name: Dean Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANBERRA  Date: 05 Oct 2009 03:55:30 GMT

Comment: I can't praise Vickie enough for the support she gave my wife and me during the birth of our daughter. We couldn't have done it without her, she has to be the best doula in the world. She gave me the confidence I needed to be really part of what could have been an overwhelming event. Vickie's ability to remain calm, positive and never lose her sense of humour makes her extremely popular - book her up as soon as you know you are pregnant - you won't regret it. My wife agrees - we wouldn't have another baby without her.

Name: Brianna Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 8 Mar 2010 06:07:37 GMT

Comment: Vickie was a wonderful source of support and information during our first experience of pregnancy and childbirth. We didn't know what labour would be like, and we found it very reassuring to know we had additional support if we needed it. Having Vickie there on the day made such a difference for us both.

Name: Gina Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 11 Sep 2010 01:18:35 GMT

Comment: Vickie is the best when it comes to birth support in Canberra, she educated us, cared for us and nothing was ever too much trouble. Wise and wonderful Vickie was the key to our empowering birth experience. We were blessed to have her.

Name: Cassie Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 18 Sep 2011 23:10:59 GMT

Comment: We were so lucky to have Vickie Hingston-Jones as our doula, she is one of the best most well respected doulas in Canberra and made our birth experience a wonderful empowering event. The childbirth information Vickie gave us leading up to our baby's birth was a amazing, we learnt so much and fear turned to confidence and we are both so grateful.

Name: Pip Cleary Email:
Welcome Page:  
Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 3 Nov 2011 08:23:02 GMT

Comment: We cannot thank Vicki enough for helping us during the birth of our son in Aug 11. The preparation sessions ensured that both of us were as ready as possible and meant that when things got tough, my husband could really step up. Vicki was always there when needed during a long labour and she helped us to ensure that we honoured our decisions and our son was born safely. I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough, especially for any first time mums and dads. Thank you Vicki. Pip, Jamie and Hamish.

Name: Kerry Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 9 Jul 2012 11:10:11 GMT

Comment: A friend told me that if I wanted a VBAC I should contact a doula named Vickie Hingston-Jones. I never even knew what a doula was but now I tell anyone having a baby that they'd be crazy not to call her. What a difference Vickie made, I had a wonderful natural drug free and intervention free birth. I can't thank Vickie enough for her loving kindness and great skill, nothing was ever too much for her.

Name: Ulla Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 5 Aug 2013 08:19:42 GMT

Comment: Vickie is the perfect support person and advocate to have throughout pregnancy and labour, as she is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. During labour, she knew exactly what I needed before I even knew I needed it - the perfect compliment to my husband who was running around trying to make me as comfortable as possible, but who had no prior experience whatsoever). Vickie helped to insure it was a positive experience, despite all the complications! I highly recommend having a doula present during labour and birth, in addition to a partner or other family member. Thank you Vickie for all your help!





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