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If you have reached this site because you are expecting a baby - congratulations.  

If you are planning a pregnancy - congratulations for thinking ahead.  Having a doula's experience, encouragement and support can make a real difference to your birth experience.

Why have a doula? 

Because research based evidence has shown that the presence of a trained Doula can significantly enhance the birth experience for a mother, her partner and her baby as well as increasing the safety of birth.  A  Doula's presence notably reduces the length of labour and the need for drugs, cesarean sections and other interventions.     

Are you confused by conflicting advice you are getting about pregnancy and birth? Hearing too many horror stories from women who have had bad experiences? Don't know who to turn to for factual information? 
Feel you have a right to make your own decisions but not sure how to go about it?  

 Give me a call now

My goal is to help you achieve the birth that is right for you.   Birth is an intimate event and a unique experience for each woman. I'll help you take a realistic look at your expectations and prepare for the birth that is right for you without being overly influenced by others. I do not make decisions for you, or speak for you.  This is your birth, your baby, and your life.  It is always you who decides what's best for you.


I  am an experienced Doula and my primary role is to provide a nurturing environment where I share my knowledge and skills to help you gain the confidence needed to achieve a great birth.   Having been involved with birth for many decades, I know from personal experience that with knowledgeable assistance, women can  uncover the myths and realities and find the coping strategies that best fit their personal needs.


Although no longer practicing,  I  am happy to talk to you about your birthing options in the Canberra region.

Call 0422 008 759 now to arrange an appointment  for an obligation free chat to learn more about how Doulas really do make a difference.



  'Birth is not only about making babies.   Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength'  Barbara Katz Rothman



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