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The placenta is a beautiful organ. It is the only organ that develops and grows within another organ. It is responsible for growing a healthy baby. It is the bridge between a mother and her baby in the womb. In medieval times it was said to nurture an unborn baby’s body and soul, in Indonesia it  is called the brother or sister, in Nepal it is known as bucha-co-satthi, meaning baby's friend, it is truly unique and amazing.

Many cultures have rituals surrounding the burial of the placenta.Some women will eat a small piece of the placenta raw at the birth to avoid haemorrhage.The placenta is considered a powerful medicine. It is believed that ingesting placenta can contribute to

• Decrease in baby blues and postnatal depression.

• Increase and enrich breast milk.

• Increase in energy.

• Decrease in lochia, postnatal bleeding.

• Decrease iron deficiency.

• Decrease insomnia and/or sleep disorders

Ingesting the placenta can be done in a number of ways but encapsulation is the most popular. It is dried and made into a powder, and placed in capsules so that the woman can take for the first few weeks after birth and later to boost energy levels.

 A highly beneficial tincture can be also be made and used throughout the child’s 
life, and the mother’s during times of hormonal imbalance, including menopause.


You may want to have a unique art print made of the placenta as a permanent reminder of your child’s ‘tree of life’.  

Read here what Belly Belly has to say on placenta processing


I have many years is experience in Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture making, as well as the creation of beautiful art prints. Placentas are handled professionally and with utmost respect. Dedicated equipment is used and all methods of sterilization of equipment are practiced to Australian Government Safe Food Handling guidelines and regulations. Call me for more information or visit Canberra Placenta Services


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